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Donkeys Available for Adoption


Age:   9
Gender:  gelding
Burro Buddy:   Chinook or Coach or Shrek
BamBam is a really well put together, strong, healthy 9-year-old gelding donkey. He is medium brown in color.
BamBam does very well with other non-aggressive male donkeys and adores female donkeys.
BamBam is up to date on all farrier, dental and medical needs. He halters, leads and loads in a trailer.
This donkey is afraid of horses.


Age:  21

Sex:  Gelding

This donkey is a gentle, mature gelding.  He is currently buddies with BamBam and the two make a great pair.

He loves the attention and will always ask for more hugs and kisses. Chinook is very calm and loves to be around other donkeys.

Chinook is good with trailer loading, grooming, and hooves picking.

He has been provided medical and farrier services  and is up to date with all medical care required for his age.

He has started riding lessons and could give kid rides.

But he does not like horses.


Age: 15 years

Gender: Gelding

Burro Buddy:   BamBam or Shrek

Coach is a medium grey standard gelding donkey standing 49 inches.

Coach suffered prior abuse the nature of which we will never know. He was eventually rescued as part of a large scale horse seizure. To this day, he is still shy and worried about being abused. But he is curious, eats from our hands, halters, leads, loads and stands for the farrier.

Coach loves both jennets and john donkeys equally.  But he is terrified of horses.

Longhopes has provided Coach full dental, medical, and farrier services in addition to many hours of training.

This donkey is looking for a permanent safe home with another donkey of similar age. He bonds up quickly so he’d do well with a lonely donkey.

He is not suitable for hiking, riding or driving due to his fear issues but will thrive outside the shelter environment with the steady routine of a regular caretaker.


Age: 10 years

Sex: Gelding

Burro Buddy:   Coach or BamBam

Shrek  is a medium brown standard donkey.

Shrek has all basic skills on haltering, leading, loading and standing for the farrier .  He is playful and energetic.

Shrek could live with either a jennet or gelding that has a calm personality.

Longhopes has provided Shrek with medical, dental and farrier care. He has also received hours of training to  prepare him for adoption.

Shrek shows curiosity for horses.


Age:  12

Sex: Gelding

Burro Buddy:   Aston

Newton is a handsome spotted oversized miniature donkey (or small standard) at 37.5 inches tall.  He is more white than spotted.   He is in very good shape.

This little donkey has sensitive skin around his eyes and needs a home that will have him wear a flymask to protect his eyes from the sun.  He is good about wearing it when offered.

Newton is up to date on all medical, dental and farrier needs.

He halters, leads and stands well for the farrier.  He is calm, quiet and well mannered.

Both Newton and Aston are good with horses.  Newton is particularly interested in  horses. They would be perfect to join a lonely horse and become the new herd members.


Age:  2.5 years

Sex: Gelding

Burro Buddy:  Newton

This is a young gelded male donkey.  He is extremely affectionate and personable.  He is also good with kids.  He is smart and has great potential.

This donkeys is up to date on all dental, vaccinations and deworming.

He and a burro buddy Newton who also like horses and would fit in well with a single or herd of horses.  Aston will follow a horse around.

He is still too young to do any racing but he has started pack lessons and showed concentration and focus with it.


Age: 9

Sex: Gelding

This is a large standard black gelding at 49 inches and 720 pounds.   Shadow was an imprinted foal and he has had consistent human contact his entire life.

He halters, leads, loads and stands well for the farrier.

This donkey needs a new activity or job.    He is bonded to his buddy Abner and the pair must be adopted together.

Both are great with jennets.

This donkey has had complete, and current dental, farrier, vaccinations, and deworming.

This donkey has no interest in being with horses.


Age:  9

Sex:  Gelding

Burro Buddy:   Shadow

Abner is a small/medium standard gelding donkey at 44 inches.  He is handsome and dark brown.  He an adorable little buddle of attitude and energy.

Abner was imprinted at birth and has been consistently cared for by humans his entire life.   He has lived with his buddy Shadow his entire life and needs to be adopted with him.  Abner needs a job to keep him active.   He has good skills. He halters, leads, loads and stands well for the farrier.  He has recently started saddle lessons and may be rideble by children.

This donkey has had complete and current dental, medical and farrier care.  He has vaccinations and deworming too.

This donkey has no interest in horses.


Age:  14

Sex: gelding

Burro buddy:  Schroeder

This dark brown miniature mule/hinny stands 40 inches tall and weighs 370 lbs.  He is an easier keeper on grass hay and must have limits on his access to spring grass.

Cruiser is very bonded to miniature donkey-Schroeder and the two cannot be separated but they both like horses so they would be perfect to become the new herd for a lonely horse.  They could stay home and protect the paddock when the horse is taken riding.

Both Cruiser and Schroeder are submissive so they cannot be in a herd where they will have to compete for food or barn space.

Cruiser is up to date on all medical, dental and farrier needs.


Age: 19

Sex: Gelding

Burro buddy:  Cruiser

This adorable, small, grey  miniature donkey stands 34 inches tall and weighs 275 lbs.   He is very affectionate, easy going and good with kids.

This donkey is up to date on all medical, dental and farrier needs.   However, he has an old right front shoulder dislocation that causes a gait change.  He manages very well with one monthly arthritis injection at a cost of approximately $25.Due to his shoulder dislocation which makes him a special needs donkey; Schroeder is up for adoption at a reduced adoption fee. 

Schroeder and Cruiser and a bonded pair and cannot be separated.  They are very dependent on each other but both like horses and would be the perfect, small, easy to handle equines to adopt to be with a lonely horse who needed safe, gentle new herd members.  Both are timid and will not compete for food or barn space.


Age:  5

Sex:  Jennet      IN FOAL

Burro buddy: Bulettta

This is a grey, miniature jennet who is 34 inches tall.

She is gentle and quiet.  This is a loving little donkey who would make a wonderful family pet and watching her foal growing is an added pleasure.

This is a 2 for 1 adoption because she will foal Fall 2017.

Longhopes has provided this donkey with medical and farrier services and training.

Buletta and Tawnie

Age: 2.5

Sex:  Jennet

Burro buddy:  Tawnie

This is a lovely and well conformed miniature jennet who stands at 34 inches.  She is young and becoming more affectionate with each day of training to ensure she has good skills for the first time donkey owner.

This donkey is bonded to her foal, Tawnie, and the pair is to be adopted together. Tawnie will soon start her training when she is old enough to learn new skills. Her mother has been spending some time teaching her the ropes of what it means to be a donkey. Our training will come in a bit later and she will learn how to halter, lead, and load on a trailer. Tawnie is affectionate and loves getting rubs all over!

This donkey has been provided medical and farrier care at Longhopes to bring her up to date on all appropriate  services.

Cecil and Toto

Age:     1 year
Sex:  Gelding
These are both weanlings, grey miniature donkeys. They are bonded to each other and have never been apart.
Longhopes has provided Toto and Cecil with medical, farrier and training services to be sure they halter, lead, load and stand well for the farrier.
These young donkeys have  great potential.  They both have very  nice conformation and are getting more affectionate every day.

They are both an adorable pair of miniature donkeys looking for a loving family.

But they can run and need someone who has the energy to keep up with them.

Neither Cecil nor Toto is afraid of calm horses.


Age:    4.5

Sex:  Gelding

Burro buddy:  Archie

This is a  grey with a solid grey muzzle miniature donkey.

He has been provided medical, farrier and training services at Longhopes. He is very healthy and is getting more affectionate by the day.

He needs to be with at least one other miniature, preferably one of comparable age and energy.   Archie is part of his family herd and would be great.  They are both full of potential for many activities.


Age:  1

Sex: Gelding

Burro buddy: Milton

This is an adorable, grey miniature donkey who is 34.5 inches tall.

He is becoming more affectionate by the day and will be a great family pet.

He has great conformation and has been provided up to date medical and farrier care at Longhopes.

He halters, leads, loads and stands for the farrier.  He and Milton would do well together and can provide years of affection.


Age:   5 years

Sex:  Jennet

Burro buddy:   This is a lovely adult miniature jennet  who is just 33 inches tall.  She is grey.

This is a quiet, healthy jennet who is  becoming more affectionate by the day.

She has been provided up to date medical and farrier services at Longhopes.

She halters, leads, stands for the farrier and loads in a trailer.  She is ready for a loving new home and would be great for small children.


Age:  age 6

Sex: gelding

Burro buddy:   Polo

This is a handsome standard donkey who is brown and white paint/spotted.

He is in great health and has been provided medical, dental, farrier and training by Longhopes.

He arrived at Longhopes with his buddy Polo who is believed to be related to him.   Marco has begun riding lessons and shows good potential.

Marco has previously lived with horses but has no interest in them now.


Age:  5

Sex:  Gelding

This donkey is a handsome brown and white paint/spotted standard male.

He is a gentle soul and has been provided medical, dental, farrier and training services at Longhopes.

He is bonded to Marco and the two must be adopted as a pair.   Both are in good health and ready for a variety of activities.

Marco and Polo previously lived with horses but they have no interest in horses now.


Age:  10

Sex:  Jennet

Jessa is a beautiful gray standard jenny that arrived at Longhopes in search of her forever home. Jessa is very trainable and she is picking up on her new skills rather quickly. She is a little shy but slowly coming out of her shell. She is looking for a home that will give her a lot of love and some patience to get settled in.

She has improved a lot since she came to Longhopes and is now coming up for attention. She halters and leads.

Jessa has been provided medical, dental, farrier and training services at Longhopes.

Jessa was around horses in the past but Longhopes has not tested her reaction around horses yet.

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